Corporate Video

Sometimes, you just can’t say it with a webpage. You can’t say it a snazzy infographic. You can’t even say it with brilliant copywriting.

You need an awesome video.

Here at Mate Corazón, video is what we do best.

(If you don’t believe me, check out all of the unpaid hours spent toiling over documentaries like Tracking Patagonia.)

We use state of the art equipment, including:

  • Sony NEX-VG20 hi-def camera with a single reflex lens that gives you that cool, film-like low depth of field.
  • Wireless sony mic set to deliver crisp sound
  • Full editing suite using Adobe Premiere 6.0

We work in small teams, making your entire project from shoot to post-production agile, fun, and cost effective.

Check out some of the kick-ass videos we’ve done at Mate Corazón:


BridgeEnglish: What can you do with Bridge?

BridgeEnglish is an English language center based in Denver, Colorado. Every year, Bridge hosts hundreds of students from around the world who come to learn English for various reasons. A Bridge staff member had been recording student speeches at the graduation ceremonies the center holds on a regular basis. Bridge realized that the students’ own words were the best way to sell their English program; unfortunately, the speeches had been recorded on a laptop and the video was of poor quality.

…Mate Corazón to the rescue!

Video clips are sized down, cropped, and tinted to match the corporate logo colors. Bold text reinforces what the students say, bringing attention away from the video quality and focusing on the most important part: the content. Audio levels are adjusted and background music helps cover annoying “white noise.”

The result? Well, watch the video for yourself. Would you want to study at Bridge?

Indiana June: Lessons on Going Lean

Indiana June is a woman on a mission. Hailing from New Zealand, Indi (as she is called by friends) set out to cycle around the world with one catch: followers of her blog get to vote on where she goes next. Mate Corazón collided with Indi in Buenos Aires, and given our penchant for traveling by bicycle, it was love at first sight. When Indi needed a video done on a tight deadline to apply for speaking at a conference, Mate Corazón was all over it.

To capture Indi’s personality, the biking gear and bike itself clearly needed to be present. The shot was done outside, interview style, to help Indi loosen up and speak naturally (although you don’t hear the questions). Graphics and music were also an easy choice; since Indi is no stranger to branding and marketing, this was an awesomely fun collaboration!

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