The Discipline of Making Work


I'm finally back in the editing seat and working away on my documentary project Viento del Sur: Zen in Argentina. I must confess that this project has suffered long periods of little to no activity due to my various travels, relocations, and … [Read more...]

A love letter to life, art, and a special group of women

girls group

I'm back in Buenos Aires after saying my tearful farewell to my life in this city a little less than a year ago. Return visits always seem to be a wild ride of joy, nostalgia, letting go, and reflection. Coming full circle can allow us to see where … [Read more...]

Creating Meaningful Relationships with Stuff: Life of Materials

Life of Materials artists

The Life of Materials show at Gallery 263 in Cambridge is all about stuff. These days, our problems seem to revolve around an excess of stuff: How do I organize my clutter? How can I get to inbox zero? In Life of Materials, Dena Haden, … [Read more...]

Victory Against Dams in Patagonia, Chile

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -Martin Luther King, Jr. On January 7th, we got some exciting news from the fight against hydroelectric development on the Baker and Pascua Rivers in the region of Aysén, … [Read more...]

Warrior Cape Cod

Coastguard Beach, Cape Cod

How do you want to start the week? I ask the question silently to myself while burrowing deeper into the warmth of my bed. Outside it is still dark and I can barely make out the black outlines of bare tree branches. I check the weather on my … [Read more...]

The Year in Mate

mate in Colonia, Uruguay

It's been another fulfilling year and I'm celebrating by looking back at my favorite moments with mate during various adventures around North and South America. Get your mate ready and read on to join me on the journey. (And if you're really into … [Read more...]

Remembering Christmas in Patagonia

Lago Elizalde Chile

After a hard winter of long dark nights, Coyhaique finally sees a day or two of warmth and sun. Locals hang out in the plaza, kids splash in the fountains, and the sun shines until well after 10pm. I've been living in here for about eight months, and … [Read more...]

What Not to Do While Editing Your Documentary


It's been a while since I've been in the editing seat, but today I am fully immersed in logging clips for the documentary Viento del Sur. I had forgotten just how immersive documentary editing is. Alone wearing headphones and sitting in front of a … [Read more...]

Kinley’s Last Stand


Our family cat, Kinley, is suffering from a kidney condition. She's basically a furry sack of bones these days, struggling to get her spindly legs up and down the stairs. She's close to the end, and there isn't much to do except wait and give her … [Read more...]

Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving in Chile

I originally posted this six years ago on my blog 49 South, about teaching English as a volunteer in Chilean Patagonia. What I wrote still rings true today, and I continue to live by those lessons I learned down south. While Coyhaique … [Read more...]