The Back Roads to Falmouth

backroads cape cod

It is a brilliant and shiny late November day here on Cape Cod, so I decide to drive the back roads to Falmouth and get my afternoon work done in a coffee shop. It is hard not to feel nostalgic about this. Years ago, as high school teenagers, my … [Read more...]

Bon Hiver

bon hiver

The first snowfall arrived today while we were sipping morning coffee. I'm not sure if the changing seasons excite me more after living in different hemispheres and latitudes and feeling somewhat lost in nature's yearly cycles, or if I am simply … [Read more...]

We are Light: Exploring the language of experience.

Dena Haden sculpture

Having lived out of the country for a long time, I was thrilled to finally make it to a solo show featuring installation, drawing, and sculpture by local artist and lifelong friend Dena Haden. I've watched Dena's work evolve since Mr. Carson's high … [Read more...]


November - Robert Frost

November, by Robert Frost We saw leaves go to glory, Then almost migratory Go part way down the lane, And then to end the story Get beaten down and pasted In one wild day of rain. We heard " 'Tis Over" roaring. A year of leaves was … [Read more...]

Viento del Sur: Zen in Argentina

zen argentina documentary

Why did bodhidharma come from the west? When Ricardo Toledo and Sonia Ortiz find themselves without a teacher for their small Zen Buddhist group in Buenos Aires, they set out to find a new one. Their group - known as Viento del Sur, or Southern Wind … [Read more...]

Sin Raices: Celebrating Life in the Americas

Sin Raices - Mireira Soto Laime

What does it mean to have roots? And if you find yourself living far away from home, what happens to those roots? Sin Raices (Rootless) is an interview project that explores notions of belonging and identity through stories of migration in the … [Read more...]

Tracking Patagonia

Tracking Patagonia - matemedia

Tracking Patagonia is a documentary about life in Chile’s wild Patagonia region as it faces the potential construction of five hydroelectric dams on the Baker and Pascua Rivers. Told through the eyes of a young American film crew traveling by bicycle … [Read more...]

Web Design

web design

Whether you have an itch to publish your poetry, a fledgling business, an uncanny ability to photograph breakfast cereal, or a talent for knitting fuzzy sweaters, you probably definitely need a website. Your website is your digital storefront, … [Read more...]

Corporate Video

corporate video for Bridge

Sometimes, you just can't say it with a webpage. You can't say it a snazzy infographic. You can't even say it with brilliant copywriting. You need an awesome video. Here at Mate Corazón, video is what we do best. (If you don't believe me, … [Read more...]


copywriting - Bridge

Copywriting is content that is written to produce a specific action. Let's say you want someone to make a purchase, sign up for a mailing list, or request information when they visit your website. You need content that is convincing and succinct, … [Read more...]